“crayons & pencils” | 12″ x 12″ | $185

To be part of the EBOS group show at Gray Loft Gallery in Oakland was a great experience — now I have new artist friends, many folks came through and the debut of Emily Weil art leggings was a hit (watch this space!). This modern, interesting gallery is in Jingletown, near the Fruitvale bridge and I hope you keep an eye on their website so you can enjoy future art shows.


watercolor sketch on paper | 8.5″ x 5.5″

My watercolor workshop in Studio 1.6 in Alameda was great fun. Watch this space for possible future dates!


EmilyPaintingWhen I prep a large canvas for a painting with acrylics — or when I tack a blank sheet of Arches watercolor paper up — I welcome the nervous excitement of expressing myself with paint, charcoal, pastels, India ink, or maybe a mix of red dirt from the Berkeley hills. I do not find a large, white, gessoed canvas frightening — for me it is an opening into a part of me that needs to come out and be seen — it’s a deeply personal journey. I trust that process of expressive painting and am usually surprised at the results. I also am often frustrated and full of doubt.

I need to paint. I need it as much as I need to breathe. I am humbled and grateful I have found myself here — to wonder where all these colors, splatters, drips and scribbles come from.

And I want to express deep gratitude to Leigh Hyams and all I learned from her (or, perhaps I should more accurately say, all she pushed me into!). I stumbled into her painting workshops at Esalen on the California coast in 2008 and had no idea she would split me open like a watermelon. Thank you, Leigh.

You can also read about me in an interview by Gayle Wheatley in her Culture Vixen blog: www.culturevixen.com/2010/05/emily-weil


I am currently represented by Jco’s Place Gallery in Los Gatos, CA.


2018  East Bay Open Studios group show, Gray Loft Gallery, Oakland CA

2017  Slate Contemporary Gallery, Oakland CA

2017  East Bay Open Studios, Oakland CA

2017 101 Second St lobby, San Francisco

2016 Pro Arts East Bay Open Studios, Oakland CA

2015 Exhibition at 201 California St, San Francisco

2015 Two-artist show at Jco’s Place gallery, Los Gatos CA

2015 Pro Arts East Bay Open Studios, Oakland CA

2014 Two-artist show at Jco’s Place gallery, Los Gatos CA

2013 Pro Arts East Bay Open Studios, Oakland CA

2013 Solo show at James Snidle Fine Arts & Appraisals, Chico CA

2012 Pro Arts East Bay Open Studios, Oakland CA

2012 Group show at Joyce Gordon Gallery, Oakland CA

2011 Sausalito Art Festival, CA

2011 Pro Arts East Bay Open Studios, Oakland CA

2010 Group Exhibition at Bridgehead Studios, Alameda CA

2010 Pro Arts East Bay Open Studios*, Oakland CA

2010 Mill Valley Arts Festival, CA

2010 Group Exhibition at Firehouse Gallery North, Berkeley CA

2009 Solo Exhibition at The Muse, Oakland CA

2009 Group Exhibition at Esalen, Big Sur, CA

2008 Group Exhibition at Esalen, Big Sur, CA

*my painting, “My Mother’s Teeth” was selected for the cover art for the director for 2010 East Bay Open Studios


Contra Costa Health Foundation

Aglet Consumer Alliance

Nancy Thompson (private collection)

Kaiser Hospital in San Leandro (commissioned pieces)

Chu & Waters LLP, San Francisco

Mt. Diablo Financial Resources


I was born in Marin County, CA and grew up in the San Francisco bay area (in Mill Valley). Married young and lived in Oregon for 15 years; obtained a BFA in graphic design from California College of Arts and Crafts in 1989. I operate a freelance design business, Red Eye Design, from my home in Alameda, CA where I live on a floating home. I have two grown children, five grandkids and, yes, and yikes, one great grandbaby!