floatframThere are a number of ways to attractively frame my paintings. I generally recommend “the float” for watercolors and for the smaller daily paintings where the artwork is “floated” on top of a white mat and framed. There should be a white margin in the space between the edge of the art and the frame (see the photos on the right).

Here are several framing companies (lifted shamelessly from Carol Marine’s website):

www.frankenframes.com – Franken Frames
www.canvasplace.com – Canvas Place
www.kingofframe.com – King of Frame
www.metroframe.com – Metro Frame

For my larger acrylics on canvas, of course it is best to have them stretched locally, depending on where you live. I can ship a rolled-up canvas to you. If you prefer, and don’t mind the shipping costs, I can also have it stretched and shipped to you. It is currently popular to hang unstretched acrylic paintings, raggedy edges and all, without the clean, stretched edge, sometimes even just with pushpins! I also recommend buying powerful magnets, placed on the corners of the painting, which stick to flat nails in the wall underneath the painting (see Apex Magnets). Another option for paintings on canvas  — not the really big ones though — would be the float (see above). You can also attach a narrow, lightweight strip of wood on the top edge of the canvas, attach velcro, along with a strip of velcro attached to the wall and hang it that way.

As an alternative, you can buy hangers to apply directly to the back of your daily painting (this is not something I provide). I have used the Command brand hangers that seem to work well and are very easy to use. They are available at hardware and office supply stores.

MATERIALS I USE I use acrylics on canvas for the larger works; no oils. Acrylics are pretty much liquid plastic and are just about indestructible. I also paint with watercolors on paper, then apply pastels. These should be framed with glass (or plastic, if you prefer; it is more lightweight but tends to warp over time) to protect the work. I do like the light-colored wooden frames (see above).

SHIPPING I use UPS for larger pieces. They are more expensive than the USPO, but they guarantee safe passage when they box the paintings. For Daily Paintings and Art Cards I use the US Postal Service.

SUNLIGHT Don’t put artwork in it! Even with glass with UV protection, artwork should never be in the sun. It will fade.

WHY I DON’T EXPLAIN MY ART “Painting is one language, and words are another language, and they don’t overlap.”–Willem de Kooning