acrylic painting of nasty by emily weil

daily painting | back yard nasties

Aahhh… staycation. I’m feeling its restorative effects deep inside my bruised, weary, grieving heart. Spent time last weekend continuing this loose work that, until I got back into my studio, I’d forgotten about. I was attracted to a nasturtium blossom that was clinging to the dark fence in the scruffy yard outside my studio, and the contrasts of golds and yellows against the wooden slats were lovely. Thought I’d bring out my acrylics instead of watercolors, just to play and see what happened. So I finished this up with more paint, India ink and crayon while also starting another watercolor painting that was complete shite (OK to toss that one in the recycle bin). Soon it will be time to head to Crown Beach with my lawn chair and my book and soak up the soothing scenes of bay waters and gentle waves and cute little snowy plovers. Pretty sweet. I hereby pledge to continue to renounce all attempts at adult responsible behavior. For at least a few more days.

11″ x 12″ acrylic, pencil, crayon, ink on paper = $170