watercolor of US Army Corps of engineers ship the Yaquina

daily painting | yaquina 2.0

This US Army Corps of Engineers dredging vessel, the Yaquina, plies the coasts of Oregon and California scouring silty river openings. She will soon be captained by my sister-in-law Jane. How cool is that? She commissioned this painting as a gift for her boss, the captain who is retiring. What an honor, to be asked to create this gift. So many interesting twists and turns in this life — several years ago the ship was being maintained and fixed up at a nearby Alameda shipyard, and I was happy to be invited on board to paint. What great fun and a wonderful privilege that was! (Jane commissioned a painting of the ship then as well, and I believe it hangs inside the Yaquina).

Jane has traveled the world as a merchant mariner, and I am so happy we are in touch and that I am still considered part of the family of my divorced husband. To be seen as kin. I’m running low on sisters these days so I am particularly grateful. 

Saturday I found myself doubled over in grief pain. It sideswiped me and I am guessing it was because it was my brother’s birthday. Maybe because I have no more sisters’ birthdays to remember and celebrate? Dunno (felt better the next day). I am grateful for kind, comforting friends to talk to. Such a surprise, sometimes, this grief train. It rolls over me, flattening me and I don’t see it coming. But here I am, still upright (if slightly bent over) and truly grateful to be an artist. I don’t have a fat bank account, but I am satisfied. 

11″ x 14″ watercolor, pen on paper