watercolor of green onions by emily weil

daily painting | green onions

I’m writing this while sitting at a little desk in a Crescent City Air BnB apt. with big windows that look across the street to the ocean. Storms are piling up out there and my rain boots are keeping my toes dry. I’m told to keep an eye out for migrating whales.

It’s just gorgeous here. Beautiful views, stormy seas and this place is very affordable. And loving family (good lord what a concept — pretty foreign to me, but I am delighted at how my connection to niece Kirsten is strengthening). Oop, here come fresh raindrops on the window. Last night it was quite stormy and I listened to the ocean all night.

My lovely niece is directing a play in a local theater group here which prompted my visit. She will likely move out of the area and this may be my last opportunity to see theatrical productions that she creates. Her whole family has been involved with this theater for decades — even my sister Diana, Kirsten’s mom, used to play roles before she became housebound and withdrawn.

And I am here in yet another place to heal. The ocean does that. And Kirsten and I will seek out walks in the redwoods between raindrops.

I did these little green onions/scallions in Alameda last week. Would’ve posted this yesterday but the storm took out the internet across the city for the day.

7″ x 10″ ink, watercolor, pencil on paper = $90