watercolor painting of shipyard by emily weil

daily painting | red ladder

Yesterday, Easter Sunday, the photo I took in this Port Townsend, WA, shipyard, called to me. A man on a red ladder, dwarfed by this ship, working on the hull of this massive vessel and it was just very cool. Talk about a deep draft! So much hull. Maybe it’s big so it can hold lots of fish, as it works the waters of the Pacific Northwest. Maybe it goes up to Alaska. Maybe it does other things I have no imagination for. 

The chunky mass of this boat! The man on the ladder looks like a toy. I did the painting, then decided it was a bit too stilted so I spattered ink and paint to loosen it up, which improved it. 

I guess I can’t get enough of ships and water and boats. Even though I live on a houseboat I go to a coffee shop on the water so I can be next to the estuary. In my plodding, often sodden journey of loss and grief I am reminded of the words of Jesus addressing his disciples, freaked out as they were in a boat as a storm kicked up: “You shall not capsize.” I don’t even know if those words are in the New Testament, really (my born-again past is showing itself), but I will imagine they are as they soothe me during this wild ride. Don’t know where I’ll come ashore. But I’m still afloat, trusting.

9″ x 12″ watercolor, pen, acrylic ink on paper = $140




daily painting | point wilson lighthouse

Fort Worden in Port Townsend, WA, on the Strait of Juan de Fuca, is a former military installation and is dotted with interesting bits such as gun batteries, cavernous concrete bunkers, parade grounds that are now lovely green meadows, former barracks converted into meeting halls, and this charming lighthouse. Claire and I had a ball exploring the beach adjacent to this windswept corner of Washington and boy howdy, I wish I could beam myself up there right now. On this sunny day in my kitchen I enjoyed painting from a photo I took during my WA trip, and remembering the chilly winds, the smell of the salt water, the cobbly rocks at the water’s edge, the diving ducks. And Claire’s kindness and warmth. And I’m truly glad to be home, as sad as I feel these days. And I got a fabulous bonus today! I found out I can have Berkeley Bowl groceries delivered via InstaCart. So while the paint dries, I can put away the groceries that someone else shopped for and delivered. A welcome break from the frayed nerves I have these days, going out in public. Take that, Covid. Asshole.

10″ x 7″ watercolor, pen on paper + $90