watercolor + pastel painting of snowy egret by emily weil

daily painting | snowy egret

This snowy egret with its yellow slippers often stalks its fishy treats just outside my window on the muddy edges of the San Francisco estuary. This is commissioned painting #2 for my dear neighbor; this bird is a favorite of hers, with its wispy, snow-white feathers and careful search of watery prey at the water’s edge (OK and my apologies but here’s a favorite joke: “I used to be Snow White, but I drifted”). Anyways, thought I’d share this on my daily paintings page as I have been spending time in my studio working on large paintings again. Stay tuned.

15″ x 20″ watercolor, ink, pastel on paper




watercolor painting of night heron by emily weil

daily painting | visitors

Late at night I will sometimes sit out on my deck, enjoying the midnight hour and watching the black-crowned night herons hunt on the docks (William, a young one still in juvenile plumage, often comes by and I saw him with a small silvery fish in its beak, but curiously he didn’t swallow it right away. I’m pretty sure William loves me). It’s peaceful — no construction noise, no clackety dock carts rolling by, no motorboats being rinsed off in the washing area, no neighbors coming and going. Last night I was admiring the gorgeous moon hanging out above the parking lot silos (and is that Jupiter up there?) — it’s still and calm. I noticed a disturbance in the water, just below the surface — then a harbor seal popped up, taking in the scene. I could hear it breathing. It was the coolest thing — harbor seals are not unusual out in the estuary, but this is only the second time I’ve seen one visit B dock. What a wonderful nocturnal hello.

This painting of a night heron (with its mating-season flirt feather on display, stilting through the mossy mud) was commissioned by a lovely neighbor who wants to take our birds with her as she may move north. I hope she stays. Neighbors like her don’t grow on trees.

15″ x 20″ watercolor, ink, pastel on paper




daily painting | happy boat

Living in a marina makes for fun & sometimes surprising little scenes in the corners of the parking lot, including this small motorboat with an orange windscreen. I suppose the owner might not appreciate my thinking his boat is cute, but, well, it is. I added a lot of acrylic ink blots to liven it up; it was kind of a dull painting.

I spent part of my afternoon up in the redwoods in the Oakland hills as I needed soothing today. This damn grief bus sometimes runs me into dark alleyways. But the trees whisper kind words and help to receive my sadness. I am so grateful for these nearby spots that give me so much comfort.


7″ x 10″ watercolor, pen, acrylic ink on paper = $90




watercolor and pastel painting of sailboat by emily weil

daily painting | for dominic

I felt honored to participate in a plot instigated by my neighbor to create a surprise gift for her husband. Dina and Dom are sadly moving away from our marina, and they will be missed by everyone on B dock. As an appreciation to her husband who lovingly supports their move for her exciting new job, Dina gave me a photo of Dom sailing his boat with their beloved floating home in the background (the upper left corner shows the silos, used during WWII to store cement for ship-building, in our parking lot). It was a wonderful, big juicy secret and I was a happy part of the conspiracy. Their love for each other touched me and it was great fun.

Another thing about Dina — some months ago she posted on the marina FaceBook page a photo of an otter she spotted early one morning, hanging out on the docks not far from my boat. It was terribly exciting! Recently I had my front door cracked open on a warm day, and heard a funny, watery, plopping noise so I went out to investigate. A river otter (ID confirmed by helpful folks at the Marine Mammal Ctr)! On the houseboat deck next door. It nosed around and then defecated on a coiled hose, officially making this my neighbor Nancy’s poopdeck. I scrambled to take a few pics and then Steve (named by another neighbor who has seen him before) slipped back into the water and away he went. Little Stevie River Otter. I was thrilled and completely smitten. Hope he stops by again.


21″ x 20″ watercolor, pencil, pastel on paper