watercolor, pastel, painting of lily by emily weil

daily painting | lilypalooza

This started as a watercolor, and it just needed a few explosions of firecracker hues to brighten it up. So I went at it with pastels and my graphite stick. It’s always good to toss out expectations of a good final result and let the chalky pastel pinks fly; you just gotta let go of hoping for a keeper and go waaaay outside the lines, you know? This is a source of great pleasure for me. It’s all-out fun, chucking out the rules and flinging them into the dumpster. So, artists and art fans, let’s keep doing that. It just might be your superpower.

6″ x 7″ ink, watercolor, pastel on paper = $55




watercolor and ink drawing of lily by emily weil

daily painting | inky lily

I was going to write about my worries for Mom Earth today but it’s too overwhelming; I am grieving for her. She’s suffering and needs our help (I do have faith in humans that we will at some point find answers, though likely not soon; I am reminded of very dark days in the past, such as Hitler’s rampage across Europe, and we stumbled through that grim time, though in the current climate catastrophe the earth will most likely survive while we humans may not). Instead I’ll narrow my focus and write of my challenges to find someone to fix the dry rot in the siding of my floating home. Thought I had that one figured out but today the contractor is hesitant about ladders on docks. Took months to find someone and looks like I have to resume my search. So, about fixes and where to find them. When answers seem beyond my reach (literally). 

Which leads me to having faith — in myself to problem-solve; in my life’s path that I will get where I need to go; in the grand scheme of things, that solutions will pop up like a sun-seeking ground squirrel. But, you know, I’ve gotten this far as I’ve bumped through life — navigated around a number of hurdles, as we all have. Easy for me to revert to a default place of little-kid panic, but I don’t need to go there. I’m here, and still vertical. Onward.

[This painting — one of my neighbor’s lilies; had fun again with sticks and ink and watercolor.]

9″ x 12″ sticks-and-ink, watercolor, acrylic on paper = $140