watercolor of flowers by emily weil

daily painting | july

I taught a delightful class of artists yesterday at Frank Bette Center in Alameda and this was a quick demo using watercolor plus ink and sticks. Beautiful July weekend with cooling breezes. Skidding along and surfing the crazy emotions. I’m OK.

And R.I.P. Dennis McCabe, my sister Kay’s husband who, I just learned, died night before last (Seattle was home for them). Kay’s death hit him hard, and he mercifully had a quick decline and left the planet surrounded by his daughters and their families. He is now relieved both of his physical illnesses and a broken heart. 

7″ x 10″ watercolor, ink on paper




watercolor, ink, pastel, acrylic abstract by emiliy weil

daily painting | kitchen counter abstract

“Grief’s a crafty little f**ker. Sneaks up on you.” This salty quote by Harrison Ford’s character is from the TV show “Shrinking” which is my new entertainment fave (Apple TV; I signed up for Ted Lasso and got sidetracked). It’s funny, illuminating, sweet and irreverent and makes me feel slightly less like an odd duck for having had about a billion dollars’-worth of therapy. Ford plays a therapist, and this bit of wisdom was encouraging and true. Grief can convince me I’m crazy. I’m not. Um, I think.

Speaking of ducks, here’s today’s amazing moment. Was washing up my dishes this morning, and outside my window a mama duck was shepherding her new babies — a dozen tiny little puffball ducklings, seemingly recently hatched. They were all over the place — the beginning of the learning curve. Quite adorable and heart-warming. And as happens every year, they will likely be lunch for other predators before too long. Nature’s food chain. But this charming vignette is great fun to see, however temporary the scenario.  
[Enjoyed being home today. Did this small abstract in my kitchen.]

7″ x 7″ ink, watercolor, pastel, acrylic on paper = $65