watercolor painting of chicken by emily weil

daily painting | maker farm hen

Chickens. What could be cuter? (Well, living next door to a rooster would probably be annoying, but this coop only has female fowls). Maker Farm in Alameda was the destination of a field trip for the drawing class I was teaching, and I do suggest you check it out (https://bayareamaker.farm). They welcome visitors and have marvelous goats, pigs, flowers, ducks and friendly human farmers. A place of delight for anyone, let alone artists with sketchbooks. I took some photos of those clucking cuties for painting subject matter, and on this sunny day as I reviewed the pics it brought back fond memories of the kind folks there, my delightful drawing class students, the silly and adorable goats and the spotted piggie (who was a bit of a bully and nudged me around). Getting my watercolors out today was fun — I felt joy in creating today, rather than making myself do art (which isn’t a bad thing) which has been my M.O. for the better part of these past 12 months. I feel truly grateful to be alive and experiencing this amazing world. As well as eating the tasty eggs I brought home (ooh, and the lovely colors of the eggs! From a beautiful light blue to golden yellow to creamy white. Gorgeous! Almost hated to crack them open, but I was hungry). Yum-ola.

9″ x 12″ watercolor, acrylic pen, ink, pencil on paper = $140