watercolor and ink painting of sheep by emily weil

daily painting | sierraville livestock

Today was a blissfully quiet and beautiful day in my marina in Alameda. Along with household chores and napping I pulled out my paints to work from a photo I took on the way to art camp a month ago. I stopped along the 2-lane highway in Sierraville (NW of Truckee) as there was a weathered and interesting old barn I wanted to photograph for future paintings. A gentleman with his two grandsons stopped as I snapped away, curious about what I was up to, and invited me into said barn where the boys, Mason and Lincoln, proudly showed me their sheep. This sassy hoofer (whose name I sadly did not record) was hamming it up so he (or perhaps it was a she) was today’s subject matter but let me also add that it was painting #2 for the day as the first one, from another photo taken from the same highway, was a dud.

Another fun bit of my day was getting a chai latte from Peet’s drive-through and driving down to the estuary near the ferry terminal in Alameda to watch the ships and sailboats while I waited for my laundry to dry. I noticed a few tugs scooching a massive container ship up to the docks to be off-loaded. I texted my tugboat captain friend Hal to see if one of the tugs was his and yes it was! So I got to watch and wave. OK he couldn’t see my wave but it was still fun. Hal’s a sweetheart.

Happy 4th, everyone. If anyone is interested, Heather Cox Richardson’s essay on the American Revolution is a well-written synopsis of the beginnings of our colonial rebellion and it is available on FaceBook if you look up “July 2, 2023 Heather Cox Richardson.”

7″ x 10″ ink, watercolor, pencil on paper = $90