watercolor and ink painting of flower by emily weil

daily painting | sacto posy

Foo, still tired from art camp! So I’m letting myself rest and relax a bit. Worked on this today, from a photo taken… um, I think in Sacramento where I was visiting sweet Zoe, my oldest grandchild. Dunno. I loved the perky, confident, upward-reaching shapes of the flower’s petals and enjoyed working on a larger-than-usual watercolor sketchpad on my kitchen counter.

I am consciously working on self-care. These past few years have been bumpy, and I’m a bit drained. That’s OK. I am creating space to recoup. I’m working on gentle, loving habits, while turning a deaf-ear to the hungry-ghost voices in my head that tell me I should be more PRODUCTIVE. Horse pucky. I produce plenty. And I’m tired. I will produce rest so I can fill my cup.

10″ x 14″ watercolor, ink, pastel on paper = $200