watercolor by emily weil of shipping parts made into flower pots

daily painting | recycled shippy bits

As I rode my bike through the old navy base on Alameda Point near the USS Hornet, a gate was open into what looked like a former shipyard. Cool stuff! Like these giant pipes, maybe once part of the exhaust system on a big ship, repurposed into flower pots. I explored and took lots of photos, a treasure trove for me to use as painting subjects. This part of Alameda is a favorite part of the island — the former base is full of innovative businesses from distilleries to drone makers. It is rusty and dilapidated and unpolished and slightly dangerous, with many fun corners to discover. I worry that new condos and Starbucks cafes will soon take over this wonderful area that still is uncrowded and wide open and fun to poke around in. So I will enjoy it as much as possible, with its spectacular SF skyline views and the occasional peregrine falcon flying overhead. To be mobile and enjoy these small adventures makes me deeply grateful. As did getting my 2nd vax shot a few days ago (mild flu symptoms the next day). As I rolled up my sleeve for the vaccination I burst into tears just at the thought of hugging my grandkids again. Hope is perching on my shoulder, a bit warily, chirping in my ear.

9″ x 12″ watercolor, pen, acrylic ink on paper = $140