watercolor of flowers by emily weil

daily painting | alameda fence

Lesson for today (from a helpful book on loss): Plan one thing a day you can look forward to that gives you pleasure. OK, I can do that. So I got my paints out. Did I feel like it? Nope. But once I got out the tray of watercolors and the papers and brushes I did feel better. This is the result. Subject matter is from a photo I took of a front yard that exploded with technicolor flowers; this purply-pink stunner was against a picket fence in a neighborhood I sometimes ride my bike through on the way to the grocery store. I wanted to play with paint as opposed to creating a nice watercolor. 

Art students often feel pressure to create something that proves they have some worthy skills. The highest compliment, I once thought, was, “Ooh, that looks exactly like a pink flower against a fence!” Today I just wanted to do a painting, and I like this one’s loony looseness. I think it holds my feelings pretty well. And creating it gave me pleasure. I’m learning a few things.

9″ x 12″ ink, watercolor on paper




acrylic painting of nasty by emily weil

daily painting | back yard nasties

Aahhh… staycation. I’m feeling its restorative effects deep inside my bruised, weary, grieving heart. Spent time last weekend continuing this loose work that, until I got back into my studio, I’d forgotten about. I was attracted to a nasturtium blossom that was clinging to the dark fence in the scruffy yard outside my studio, and the contrasts of golds and yellows against the wooden slats were lovely. Thought I’d bring out my acrylics instead of watercolors, just to play and see what happened. So I finished this up with more paint, India ink and crayon while also starting another watercolor painting that was complete shite (OK to toss that one in the recycle bin). Soon it will be time to head to Crown Beach with my lawn chair and my book and soak up the soothing scenes of bay waters and gentle waves and cute little snowy plovers. Pretty sweet. I hereby pledge to continue to renounce all attempts at adult responsible behavior. For at least a few more days.

11″ x 12″ acrylic, pencil, crayon, ink on paper = $170




daily painting | back fence nasties

Last weekend when I took a wet painting out into our back studio garden to dry in the sun, these nasturtiums were growing up the fence and I was smitten with the bright sunny blooms. Today I find solace in painting that scene of twisting, twirling vines and orangey-yellow blossoms against the dark fence. The colors of the flowers are cheery, as are the bright green, veined leaves that cling so fiercely to the dark boards woven through the cyclone fence background. Sloshing watercolors around on paper today is comforting me as I seem to be veering from the shock of my sister’s death into depression, loneliness and deep grief. But here I am, still upright, one foot in front of the other, as my mother used to say. Storms do pass. And jeez what a year of swirling, violent, catastrophic tempests. This particular weather system may be parking itself at my door for awhile. [And as I write this I am greeted by the chitters of the hummingbirds at the feeder — exotic, beautiful and etherial creatures, they are. I so love their visitations.]

9″ x 12″ watercolor, pen on paper = $140