watercolor of chair by emily weil

daily painting | damn chair

When I was a little girl, the starry night sky enchanted me. That there were huge gassy balls of light a zillion miles from our planet helped lift me out of my sad body tied to earth and marvel at such miracles. One August a yearly meteor shower was happening (must have been the Perseid) and the Weil kids and the Swango kids laid out our sleeping bags under the stars to see the show. I don’t remember much from that night but I can remember the anticipation and excitement that such celestial fireworks were visible from our little Mill Valley yards.

So when I got this email from Colossal it reminded me of the magic that is all around us; it’s a fantastic image of an exploded star: www.thisiscolossal.com/2024/03/vela-supernova-composite/

It was like angels were all around me when I was little, urging me to look up and dream (as I write this I am hearing a song play on TV, “All I Have To Do is Dream” by the Everly Brothers. Cool beans.)

[Regarding this artwork, there’s an old chair that hangs out near the “yacht club” in my marina (community room). I’ve done 6 or 7 drawings/paintings of the thing and this is my favorite. Loose and funky.]

12″ x 9″ watercolor crayon, water-soluble graphite on paper = $150