watercolor painting of dog by emily weil

daily painting | chico

Sparkly, Christmassy decorations — the lights are so pretty and magical (funny that my year-round outside lights on my deck pooped out the day before Christmas Eve). This year my emotions are raggedy, as I stand to one side and look at fractured pieces of my family. But I am also deeply grateful to enjoy the kindness of friends in my Alameda life — people who share such an abundance of warm care and support and love. I have so many questions as I launch into this later stage of life and old-womanhood, and I’m guessing most of them will remain unanswered. Which is what it’s like, being human. We fumble along, doing our best, trying to be kind and creative and loving and grown-up. I suppose I’m not terribly unique, as I bump through these hair-raising days. I relish my morning cup of Earl Grey. I crack up at Buster Posey’s antics as he does laps in his little playpen (Buster is my Giants-orange guinea pig). I thoroughly enjoy discovering a new favorite author (Amor Towles, and thank you Claire). I soak up sunshine between rain storms (thank god for rain storms!), wheeling through Alameda on my bicycle (today’s ride a bit chilly). And I love getting out my paints. Chico here was a commissioned piece for a dear friend’s nephew for Christmas (Chico’s dad liked to put hats and scarves on him which apparently he didn’t mind). Happy Christmas and Merry New Year, all you kind folks who read my posts and look at my art. Let’s live a little bit larger in 2022 and celebrate each breath. We have more living to do.

10″ x 8″ watercolor, pencil, ink, acrylic ink on paper