watercolor painting of flowers by emily weil

daily painting | neighborhood posies

Sometimes I ride my bike through Alameda neighborhoods and swipe a few flowers. No egregious thefts, just a few scattered blooms from public spots where no one will chase me out of their front yard. I put them in my humble little vase I made in ceramics class at CCAC and started this small painting. Which I put aside and forgot about. Found it yesterday so I added a bit more paint and acrylic ink and called it done. It is kind of cheery, which made me want to put it out there.

Subject change: Just got home from a glorious day in the Sunol area looking for golden eagles. What a satisfying day! My birding partner and I found several pairs of eagles (we are assigned specific territories from the E Bay Parks Golden Eagle Monitoring Team) and were able to report the sightings. These data are essential to help protect the birds from encroaching developments and even new wind farms (the turbines sadly kill more eagles than the birds can replenish). And it was cold and sunny and windy and the hilltop where we set up our spotting scopes was simultaneously being hunted by a ferruginous hawk, a very special and lovely and uncommon bird which was a treat. My gosh I’m so grateful!

7″ x 7″ watercolor, pen, acrylic on paper = $65