daily painting | windy beets

I’m giggling a bit — March Madness begins this week while at the same time parts of me feel a bit unhinged. My marbles are probably intact, if a bit loose, but lately I’ve felt on the outer fringes of sanity (see Saturday’s blog). Friends tell me it’s pretty understandable, with all that has happened, and I figure if I was going to lose my sanity it would have happened by now (but, hey, there’s still time). And, recovery and healing is underway — I decided a few days off were in order, where I will, if possible, avoid anything that looks like responsible adult activity. Already my body is more relaxed, and I was completely delighted earlier today to hear that last week’s blood work, taken after I had some mysterious physical symptoms (now gone), indicate “results of a much younger person.” Bring the champagne! Anyways, since I’m now on staycation, the first thing was to 1) Make a chai latte, 2) Watch a fascinating documentary about singer Marian Anderson, and 3) Get out my paints. I did one beets painting that was irredeemable, even with the addition of acrylic pens. So then I started this one, wanting it to be a bit rougher, using sticks and ink and watercolor. It was a bit ambitious, painting at home today, as it’s very windy, which makes my houseboat wobbly. Careful artwork not possible. A bit later, after a phone appt with my therapist, I will bundle up and head to a beach on the other side of my island. Vacation time, folks. I don’t give a damn what doesn’t get done this week and thanks for understanding if I promised you something and didn’t deliver. Foo.

10″ x 10″ watercolor, pen on paper = $90




daily painting | smudgy trumpets

Searching for subject matter, I found a photo of this trumpet vine that grows outside my studio. Played with watercolor, was dissatisfied, added pastel, added acrylic pen and more pastel and then just said oh hell I’m going to have at it with the chalky, brightly colored sticks and smudge this thing into a pink, hot mess. It’s satisfying just to let go and forget about end results. Sometimes that makes for a good painting. Sometimes not. My mind’s not made up about this one, but my dark moods these days obscure my perceptions. Yesterday, though, offered relief and peace and those moments really sparkle against the murky grays of my grief — it was the 15th anniversary of my mom’s death, and my sweet brother and I went to the beach to visit and reminisce about our family. It was comforting to be in agreement as we reflected on our experiences with mom and dad and to love and console each other as we watched the surfers at Rodeo Beach, spotted dolphins foraging for lunch, soaked up the sunshine, remembered summer vacations as kids, and mainly just appreciated being together as the numbers of our sibs dwindle. So soothing to my sore heart.

7″ x 10″ watercolor, pen on paper