watercolor painting of cows by emily weil

daily painting | curious cows

Cows. So fun to paint. These interesting (and interested) blocky-headed creatures gathered around our car in rural Sunol, where several of us who are E Bay Parks volunteers ventured out to the hills to observe golden eagles. Cows are curious, and they were likely wondering when the bales of hay were going to emerge from the backs of our vehicles. They kind of lined up, staring. Cracked me up. Ben, the biologist who has much experience with both the birds and the rural areas we visit, said that once he’d parked his truck and traipsed off to look for eagle nests and when he returned the cows had licked every inch of his truck clean. Including the windshield which, after this bovine tongue-lashing, was clouded and made his ability to drive impossible. No clue as to why the cows considered Ben’s truck delicious.

I love these outings to rural areas to track the birds. Paul, my volunteer birding pal, is great company and as we look to see if our pairs of birds have had kids we solve all the problems both in the world and in our families; politicians should give us a call, as we’ve worked through every kind of global issue and we definitely have all the answers.

I’m an artist. I am beyond lucky. And I get to appreciate local raptors. And I get to teach art to open-hearted students. And I get to enjoy my lovely home on the water and chuckle at my guinea pig Buster Posey’s little noises (nothing cuter than a guinea pig sneeze). And today I watched the tugs nudge a container ship up to the shipping cranes along the estuary with the foggy SF bay as a backdrop. I was funky today, as I come to terms with visitations of memories of childhood loneliness. My belief is that when these visuals surface in my brain, it is an opportunity for me to love and comfort that little girl who was so bewildered and confused. She’s mine now. I protect and love her and we heal together. The possibilities are endless.

10″ x 14″ watercolor, ink, acrylic on paper = $200




watercolor and ink painting of flower by emily weil

daily painting | sacto posy

Foo, still tired from art camp! So I’m letting myself rest and relax a bit. Worked on this today, from a photo taken… um, I think in Sacramento where I was visiting sweet Zoe, my oldest grandchild. Dunno. I loved the perky, confident, upward-reaching shapes of the flower’s petals and enjoyed working on a larger-than-usual watercolor sketchpad on my kitchen counter.

I am consciously working on self-care. These past few years have been bumpy, and I’m a bit drained. That’s OK. I am creating space to recoup. I’m working on gentle, loving habits, while turning a deaf-ear to the hungry-ghost voices in my head that tell me I should be more PRODUCTIVE. Horse pucky. I produce plenty. And I’m tired. I will produce rest so I can fill my cup.

10″ x 14″ watercolor, ink, pastel on paper = $200




daily painting | desmina

Really enjoyed joining a figure drawing group today with a model. Results weren’t fabulous, but it was pleasant to be there and play with different media. I think this sketch was the last one and took about 2 minutes as I kept starting over and then ran out of time, as the model’s pose ended. Very simple and quick, but working with a combo of wet and dry media was fun. Making art — what a wonderful privilege. I am fortunate and grateful. It’s like being in a lush, safe world, doing art with other artists, and we encourage and learn from one another. Bolsters my sanity and helps keep my head attached to my neck.

12″ x 9″ watercolor crayon, water-soluble graphite on paper = $150