daily painting | yellow flower

I dove into my archives of photos taken for possible paintings and found this one; I think it came from my studio garden. It’s a mix of watercolor, pen, acrylic pen and pastel pencils (so fun, those are!). So. I think painting will help me get through these crazy life dramas we are all experiencing. I spent yesterday with several scientists; one with infectious diseases expertise, and the other works in a lab (yes, testing the COVID19 virus). Best advice — for god’s sake let’s all stay calm and take things down a notch. This virus is not very tough and easily defeated by hand washing, cleaning surfaces with bleach, washing our clothes and putting them in the dryer. It’s very contagious. We also have the most useless leadership in Washington DC so we’re kind of on our own, and kudos to Gov Newsom for taking a strong leadership role here in CA. Hang in there, everyone — let’s take care of each other, be wise and careful, look after our elderly loved ones, be thoroughly precautious, and ride this out.

7.5″ x 7.5″ watercolor, pen on paper = $75