daily painting | windy beets

I’m giggling a bit — March Madness begins this week while at the same time parts of me feel a bit unhinged. My marbles are probably intact, if a bit loose, but lately I’ve felt on the outer fringes of sanity (see Saturday’s blog). Friends tell me it’s pretty understandable, with all that has happened, and I figure if I was going to lose my sanity it would have happened by now (but, hey, there’s still time). And, recovery and healing is underway — I decided a few days off were in order, where I will, if possible, avoid anything that looks like responsible adult activity. Already my body is more relaxed, and I was completely delighted earlier today to hear that last week’s blood work, taken after I had some mysterious physical symptoms (now gone), indicate “results of a much younger person.” Bring the champagne! Anyways, since I’m now on staycation, the first thing was to 1) Make a chai latte, 2) Watch a fascinating documentary about singer Marian Anderson, and 3) Get out my paints. I did one beets painting that was irredeemable, even with the addition of acrylic pens. So then I started this one, wanting it to be a bit rougher, using sticks and ink and watercolor. It was a bit ambitious, painting at home today, as it’s very windy, which makes my houseboat wobbly. Careful artwork not possible. A bit later, after a phone appt with my therapist, I will bundle up and head to a beach on the other side of my island. Vacation time, folks. I don’t give a damn what doesn’t get done this week and thanks for understanding if I promised you something and didn’t deliver. Foo.

10″ x 10″ watercolor, pen on paper = $130