daily painting | walk to school

Ahh… so good to get the paints out again; the painting pause lasted over a week while I traveled to San Diego to spend time with family. One morning, as I walked to grandson Heath’s school to join his class for a field trip to a play, I spotted an unusual-looking yellow flower hiding in the ferns and palms along the street. Took a photo, then had a blast with oodles of enthusiastic and adorable 1st and 2nd graders as we went to a play in Balboa Park. Was lovely to extend my trip so I could be Heath’s “Mimi” amongst the mom chaperones. Was a jam-packed and wonderful week, with family festivities with my sister and her family from Seattle (I think at the end the their trip the sun actually came out), beautiful and emotional moments with my daughter, and watching various kids (of all ages including adults) romp on the trampoline. A time of much love and connection and abundance and we will all long remember little 2-year old Zoe, my sister’s firecracker red-headed granddaughter, being offered a cup of water. As she knocked over the small outdoor table she said, “I don’t want water! I want WINE!”. A moment added to family lore.

5″ x 8″ watercolor, pen on paper = $50