daily painting | turbulence

Lately I’ve been working on small acrylic abstracts on boards and have gotten so frustrated I wipe the paint off or let it dry and start over. In my studio yesterday I stopped trying to make this damn thing work and started slopping black paint on it and using sticks and crayons and palette knives. And then, big surprise! I liked it. It’s the usual — the harder I try to make a good painting the worse it gets. Only by letting go of the end result and enjoying the process is there a chance of getting a keeper. This one certainly holds several heartfuls of turbulent emotions as I try to navigate this upside-down world and stay sane in the midst of — well, a lot of shite. You know what I mean. Don’t need to list the dire circumstances here. OK now to my online Zoom Zumba class — one more tool in my kit to try and keep my brains from dribbling out my ears. Not sure it isn’t too late though. Messy.

12″ x 12″ acrylic, pencil, oil pastel crayon on claybord = $185