daily painting | tulip tree

It’s very nice when the sun streams through my kitchen window and dries my painting. Slow-going, waiting for puddles of pigment to dry, in the wet and stormy weather we’ve had lately (not complaining—as a native Californian I know it’s sacrilegious, but I grow weary of the monotonous sunny days and forgive me, those of you swirling around frigidly in the polar vortex, for sounding terribly ungrateful!). Last week I parked near this tulip tree in Oakland, and its pinky-red magenta blossoms were so striking, with little spring green buds surrounding them. It’s like the flowers are confidently standing up and saying, Here I am! Standing tall! And I’m beautiful! It’s inspiring to me. It’s wretchedly easy to succumb to tsunamis of self-doubt; and it comes with the territory of being an artist. And while it’s a challenge to believe in oneself as a painter, it also has lovely rewards and I am very glad to have taken this road. Though lately I’ve seriously doubted my feet under me, I am continuing on and my panicky moments are limited. I love the phrase I heard years ago from a counselor giving out advice for keeping one’s head: “Dial 911, step over the body, and do the dishes.” [I know haven’t posted much this week; been painting away with mediocre results. I’ll keep at it as I want to paint from photos from last weekend’s Chinese NY parade.]

8″ x 10″ watercolor, pen on paper = $100