daily painting | toes

pencil drawing of t-rex foot by emily weil

I think T-rex toes look like talons, but I have hands-on experience with terrifically fierce and scary hawk feet, so I’m biased. My hopping around the internet found that when it comes to this iconic Cretaceous-period flesh-eater of N America, they are called toes or digits. Fun to draw. I wasn’t interested in tackling the entire T-Rex skeleton at the Life Sciences building on the UC Berkeley campus but the smaller bits were great fun to try and create on paper, so I took out my Lyra water-soluble graphite crayon and did a quick sketch of the T-Rex foot, as our time was winding down for the sketching group. Lordy I wouldn’t want to encounter that guy if he were to come to life. Crazy scary teeth and feet that tore into flesh (mostly of other dinosaurs). Talk about top of the food chain. 

I always enjoy gatherings of artists, for I truly feel like I belong. Well I’m writing this on a Sunday afternoon, so I’d best get going if I want time in my studio. I redid an abstract yesterday and was surprised to find I needed to sit and cry (again) while I sloshed paint around. I guess painting opens up the flow of emotions, and that’s almost always a good thing. Thankfully the feelings come and go like storms. They do pass. And some days are wetter than others.

7″ x 7″ water-soluble graphite crayon on paper = $65