daily painting | this old house

A falling-down house on the backside of an Alameda parking lot. Windows askew, roof curling at the corners (this painting is only slightly exaggerated). Really cool stuff. I’m feeling a bit dilapidated too but I think it’s because it’s day 53 of house arrest. I am thinking about creating an adjustable button I can wear, like the signs you see in workplaces sometimes that boast they have been accident-free for however many days. “Day 53 of Covid Isolation!” and wear it proudly. It feels kind of macho. I think it is a contribution to the health of our community, though. Spoke to a friend in another part of the state and people are quite relaxed about socially distancing there. I will refrain from political statements here. At least for today. “I’ve gone 1.5 days without complaining about Trump!” My 2nd button. So many possibilities.

7″ x 10″ watercolor, pen on paper = $90