daily painting | the yaquina

I was honored to be commissioned to paint my sister-in-law Jane’s dredging vessel, The Yaquina (inset is photo taken by Jane). The fun part of this photo, from which I painted the piece, is that it was taken at the mouth of the Siuslaw River in Florence, OR, where I lived as a young married woman. The Yaquina dredges river mouths along the Oregon and California coastlines and Jane is 2nd in command of this hard-working ship. I was fortunate to have been invited on the ship last year when it was undergoing maintenance at a shipyard near me in Alameda; I got a grand tour and was allowed to sit on the decks and paint. SO cool.

It’s a complete delight to be connected with my ex husband’s sibs and their kids. I’ve been divorced for many years but to be still in touch means a lot. As I get older, family connections are everything.

11″ x 14″ watercolor, pen on paperĀ