daily painting | sunol scenes

Last week three of us golden eagle-watchers were delighted with a day of delicious respite from virus madness. We were on non-public land in the Sunol hills (we are part of an E. Bay Parks volunteers group) so our only sightings were coyotes, golden eagles of various ages, fence lizards, hawks, ranchers with cattle dogs and water district trucks. The weather was warm and sun-saturated, and we drank it all in like the thirsty, worried urban residents that we are. We snapped photos of these scenes, so I’ll bring out my paints for more cow portraits. God knows I will have time and space to do that, as I follow old-lady shelter-in-place directives from the Governor. Plus design work is a dried-up puddle, as clients’ businesses are hit hard by deserted campuses and worried customers. I have time on my hands. But I might have to troll my neighbors (at a 6-foot distance) begging for toilet paper. Preferably unused.

9″ x 12″ watercolor, pen, pastel pencil on paper = $140