daily painting | sunol barn

This patched-up, slightly lopsided barn is in the Sunol area; I was there  to look for Golden Eagles (they were a no-show). But it was a lovely drive, and Vargas Plateau Park up there has wonderful, scenic hiking trails (and cows and cowpies). The area has such interesting landscapes — rocks jutting out of the earth like the spines of ancient creatures, views of Silicon Valley below. I started with an underpainting, working watercolor splotches into wet paper. Once dry, I drew the barn with my trusty fountain pen and then added layers of watercolor. A bucolic, country scene; I wandered up the barn driveway to take a few quick photos and hoped the resident in the nearby house wouldn’t come charging out with a gun. Nothing violent occurred.

9″ x 12″ watercolor, pen on paper = $140