daily painting | sunflowers & barbed wire

Holding my head up — at times it’s a terrific challenge and challenged I certainly am. I find many of my friends also deeply saddened and depressed as we all slog through these dark and dangerous times, pursued by a virus that is smarter than we are and that is facilitated by corrupt, fumbling political leaders who have a shocking disregard for human life. So I look for comforts and remedies that are mostly not self-destructive. Last night I walked down to a bench outside my marina to watch a gorgeous moonrise over the estuary. It was stunning. A respiratory therapist staying in the hotel nearby also kept me company (it’s a long bench and safe). He travels here to work at Kaiser. I was unable to stop the tears, and he was kind; an angel sent to give me solace. But, back to sunflowers! They are tough and have strong stalks that support heavy blooms. They are native to N America (Europeans brought seeds home with them or Van Gogh wouldn’t have painted that glorious painting). They are easy to grow. They nourish all kinds of creatures including humans (one of my most favorite treats as a child). These are growing along the sidewalk, in front of barbed wire that surrounds a funky, interesting little farm just next door to us in Alameda that produces these glories amongst recycled old shipping containers. I will go back to paint more as there are zucchini, chard, dahlias, and many more luscious things growing in containers along the street. These cheery, seedy sunflowers towered over me and held their heads up just fine. Their messy beauty and resilience remind me to keep looking up.

8″ x 10″ watercolor, pen, acrylic ink on paper = $100