daily painting | stumpy jumble

I decided to leave this photo uncropped of my sketchbook on a rock at Jean Sweeney Park, a new public spot in Alameda. The stumps lured me back. In the sketch you can’t even tell what they are but I don’t mind — such enormous remnants of huge trees, presumably cleared for the park and bike path. I was pulled back to do them again with different media (were they barking at me? [Sorry!]). The sun was shining (though it wasn’t warm), kids were riding bikes, parents were pushing tots in strollers and somewhat sketchy looking men were in the midst of various bicycle repairs along the trail. It’s been quite wet for a couple of days, and when I heard of storms coming I wanted to get out there again on my bike, which I did last Fri. Glad for the rain, though some January gloom has set in both outside my window and inside my brain. Post-holiday stuff I suppose — lonely for grandkids, missing family. Happens this time of year sometimes. This too shall pass.

artgraf graphite, pen on paper