daily painting | studio Q nasty

I was out in the overgrown, gnarled and wonderful garden patch outside my studio in Oakland spraying fixative on a pastel piece and a few nasturtiums were valiantly rising up in the tangle. The shapes and colors were such fun — even in urban Oakland there is a wildness in that corner though it is surrounded by industrial garages and cabinet shops. “Nasties” are so basic, with an elegant simplicity. Made me remember walking home from school as a kid in Mill Valley (no long lines of cars of parents picking up kids in those days, for sure!) and one of the front yards exploded with them and I learned how to suck the sweet nectar from the flower’s stem. A nice after-school treat. No one ever came out to yell at us kids dawdling on the way home.

6″ x 8″ watercolor, pen on paper = $60