daily painting | spring

pen and acrylic drawing of spring flowers by emily weil

Making art is making magic. Even if I paint something I wouldn’t even show my guinea pig, this act of creation feels today like my heart is full of blooming wildflowers.

Either from a cold or hay fever (I suspect allergies with all the green growth from rains and the high winds that seem to blow trucks off bridges once a week), I’m just feeling cruddy. Not awful, just, well, Bleah. So as I roast cherry tomatoes in my oven at a low temp with thyme for tomato sauce (delicious aromas) and satisfy my news junkie urges this afternoon I’m struck by how even from my comfy couch (too enervated to stand and paint) when I picked up my bird-nerd diary (it was within reach) and grabbed my pen to sketch a vase of lovely Spring flowers on my coffee table my spirits rose almost immediately. That isn’t always the case — often making art is exhausting and frustrating — but today when I’m kind of low and haven’t painted in a week it I’m finding this sudden lift in spirits miraculous.

5″ x 4″ ink, acrylic pen on paper