daily painting | spring blossoms

I’m not really sure if these are cherry blossoms, but they had a grace and a kind of floppy beauty that appealed to me as I jogged/walked along the waterfront recently (with these storms I’m guessing they have all been blown into the estuary by now). It was a late afternoon whim, doing this painting, as it was getting dark and rainy and light was limited and I knew these flowers would have a short shelf life. Sometimes the wet paints flow so beautifully and sometimes they puddle up into a page of boredom. I liked this one though; a valentine’s bouquet and quite gentle and soft in my little vase. And also a welcome distraction from the angst of preparing for the art reception this evening (navigate to the “about” button for info about the Frank Bette satellite gallery show). I am so honored to be invited to show my art, and very much enjoy meeting people who are there to look at my paintings and afterward I often feel raw and exposed and skinless. That’s when it’s time for a strong adult beverage and a hot bath.

10″ x 7″ watercolor, pen on paper = $90