daily painting | skirmish

This painting was on display in a local doctor’s office and I recently retrieved it in order to rework it. Originally one of the first acrylic paintings I’d ever done, painted in Mexico with teacher Leigh Hyams (sometime around 2010?), who guided me as I began to learn to paint with acrylics on canvas. Previously I’d only worked with watercolors, and Leigh urged me to do bigger paintings using this new and unfamiliar medium. I swore a blue streak as I tried these new paints. A lot. The original wasn’t bad, but it needed updating. I completed this over the weekend and it feels both happy and a bit violent to me. I think it’s an expression of frustration and anger at US politics. Everything is upside down and sideways and I’m dizzy and confused and worried.

36″ x 26″ acrylic, oil pastel, pencil on stretched canvas = $1215