daily painting | shoreline rose

Yep. More floral thievery. Bad (?) habit I blame my mom for. These huge blooms, surviving without a lot of careful tending along the shoreline trail near my marina, were so lush I needed one for my kitchen windowsill. There were many blossoms on this rosebush, so I don’t think I deprived folks strolling along the waterfront of any rosy beauty. Roses seem so upper class, so in need of fussy attention and not for the teeming masses (I’m definitely a teeming mass. Or mess). I’ve been off the daily painting routine, as my female bits are still recovering from some ailments, but I’m starting to be myself again. Looking forward to getting back to my studio this weekend (when more rains are coming! Sheesh, weather gods, it’s MAY). Also there is much prep work for E Bay Open Studios in June and I hope you can come visit me at Gray Loft Gallery (see “about” button).

5.5″ x 8.5″ watercolor, pen, pastel on paper¬†¬†