daily painting | shackles

These rigging implements, called shackles, were pulled off the lines securing my floating home to the large metal rings on the docks of my marina. Clanking and banging in high winds, they were the reason for a fair amount of lost sleep during this fierce winter. Thanks to Vern who re-rigged me with quieter solutions, I am happily snoozing during dark and stormy nights. They are so sturdy and solid and I wanted to convey that in the painting, which resulted in so many layers of paint I thought the final work would weigh about 5 lbs (it doesn’t). They are a mix of rust and steel and bits of my housepaint and would likely survive a hurricane even if my boat didn’t; a mosaic of shapes and flaked paint and worn bits. I couldn’t wait to paint them once they were removed, so I also removed them from Vern’s possession. He was OK with that. He can have them now (I know they belong to me, but I’m glad if Vern can recycle them).

9″ x 12″ watercolor, pen on paper = $140