daily painting | seattle anthurium

My sister lives in Seattle (Fremont/Ballard area) and takes “walkabouts” and often comes back with gorgeous photos she has taken. She sent me a gobsmacking shot of an anthurium and she gave me permission to paint it. She has an amazing eye for such scenes of wonder and beauty and I often benefit! This was fun to draw (with my fountain pen), paint (watercolors, limited palette) and then add dabs of color with Montana acrylic pens. I finished it this morning while the fog blows through my marina, Chicken Marbella cooks in the crockpot, I anticipate my Zoom Zumba class and spend quite a bit of energy trying not to worry about the world, family illness and stressors, US politics and Covid-related anxieties. Sometimes I am successful, sometimes not; that rabbit-hole of despair sometimes catches my foot when I get out of bed in the mornings. Staying focused on activities helps immensely. As do bike rides, painting, sometimes breaking down in tears and letting emotion wash through me, Netflix series, happy hour (at a distance) with lovely neighbors, meeting Claire to help with our fellow bander Uncle Fuzzy as he fights lung cancer, and only doing what’s in front of me. I’m still relying on Hillary’s quote, “Get up every day and keep going.” And, “This too shall piss.”

10″ x 8″ watercolor, pen on paper = $100