daily painting | san rafael buckeye

My collection of buckeyes gathered on a San Rafael sidewalk a few days after Thanksgiving is on its last legs; as they decay, they buckle and morph into lumpy, bumpy shapes. There’s something about these nuts that feel good in my hand—they are perfectly palm-sized. I love to watch them transmogrify—their brown, shiny outer coverings crack and flake. Then they go into the organic recycle bin, but before that I fool around with paints; in this case it’s Artgraf sepia, water soluble graphite. A bit under the weather today; sometimes my digestive system kicks a bit. I might just need a day with my nose in a book (like one of Louise Penny’s). I’m sad but reasonably content; I read a poem in the Sunday SF Chron that perfectly describes becoming at peace, when one ages, with losses, goals unmet, dreams unrealized. It isn’t gloomy – it is, however, grateful acceptance of reality, honoring my path as it continues to unfold (if you’d like to search for it, it’s called, “All I Ever Wanted” by Katie Ford).

5.5″ x 5.5″ artgraf graphite, pen on paper = $40