daily painting | rusty bucket

Quarantine Art Club session over the weekend. Liz and I met at a large construction site in Alameda that had a huge dirt lot full of giant machines, all tidily parked in a line. I loved this rusty bucket, attached to a long arm and its cab, and didn’t want to paint the whole machine. It was a bright, slightly breezy day and our session was a great distraction as I had another mental health crisis in my family that was truly horrid. Ugh. But there is a point where I cannot help any more; I am powerless and cannot do any more rescuing. Dear Liz made me laugh and we cracked each other up; we’ve become so bonkers in this pandemic-wrecked world that even knock-knock jokes are making us howl with laughter. It’s super helpful to have a grandson in the 3rd grade to keep me supplied.

6″ x 8″ watercolor, pen on paper = $60