daily painting | russ’s magnolia

Russ, my dear friend in Mill Valley who has lung cancer (also known as Uncle Fuzzy) has a glorious magnolia tree in his back yard. Claire is Fuzzy’s gifted and generous caregiver who moved to Washington last year and is graciously extending her CA visit to include caring for Uncle Fuzzy; I go over there sometimes to help out. She and I have been admiring the showy blooms and taking pics of them as they only last a day or two. Came home and painted this shot of the tree behind the fence. The flowers are YUGE, lush, billowing, dramatic, exotic, showy and over-the-top (well, they are over the top of the fence, after all). Though the circumstances are difficult (the docs added chemo to the regimen of radiation treatment today), Fuzzy is tough and determined to fight. And I get time with Claire. She is amazing and when we have a few mins to sit on the front porch while Russ is sleeping and tell stories and giggle, it’s fabulous. I cherish these moments, fraught as they are. I appreciate being part of this completely nutso world and I am so grateful for these connections.

10″ x 7″ watercolor, pen on paper = $90