daily painting | red pear

Wet, soggy, showery day and I couldn’t quite get to my studio so I went to my dining table fruit bowl to see what would be fun to paint. I’d about forgotten about this red beauty which I specifically bought for a still life — it was getting soft and threatening to turn to mush so I thought I’d best get to it so I could have it for lunch. Pears are such a fun subject (along with persimmons), and I thank Dan’s Produce in Alameda for having a good selection. The mandarin with its curling, drying leaves also offered some brightness on this gray day. I did several versions that were yuck (including one with a red onion), so I kept at it. Weather was so wet it took over an hour to dry, and by then the afternoon light was gone (needed for taking its pic), so today’s the day for posting. I kept it fast and loose, wanting more to capture the fruits’ bright color and lusciousness than accuracy. I feel gloomy sometimes at this time of year (just turned on my SAD lamp which helps). Planning on getting to my studio in a bit to continue working on a small abstract.

7″ x 10″ watercolor, pen on paper = $90