daily painting | play ball

I shipped this commissioned piece off to NJ today to the good doctor who hired me to paint this photo of his family. Really sweet front yard scenario — dad pitching the ball to his little boy with family members enjoying the game. Dr Price had me do a similar family setting 5 years ago, and asked me to do an updated version. The main challenge was all that lawn! How to keep it interesting and varied and not flat and boring. Doing a piece that has to please the person hiring me is a very different experience — I did a few drawings that didn’t work, then did this layout I liked (pencil, then ink drawing; into this I added watercolor, acrylic pen and pastel). Since I can’t go run out to the store to buy supplies, I had to order the paper online; this whole process was definitely influenced by the pandemic. Fortunately the doc was pleased with the results. [Let me share a tip on shipping — all UPS stores are not alike! They are individual franchises and the pricing can vary quite a bit. UPS guarantees the artwork will arrive undamaged if you pay them to pack it. It adds to the price but I feel is worth it. Found a great UPS store in Oakland on Telegraph Ave. where VK gained my confidence by showing me how much artwork he ships; he’s across the street from a well-known auction house. Plus his price was almost half the price given me by the UPS store in Alameda.]

15″ x 22″ watercolor, pen, pastel pencil on paper