daily painting | conover wheelbarrow

Oh boy oh boy. 2nd annual vacation at the A-frame cabin on Pioneer Creek (that runs into Pioneer Lake) in the north woods of Wisconsin, almost into the UP of Michigan. Came into the library (has wifi) to post this, so I’ll catch up on blogs next week after I return. It’s glorious being off the grid. Friend Diane catches bluegill off the dock until her arms wear out (not to mention a 23.5″ walleye!) I sit on the front porch — or at picnic table on the lake — or on the dock — painting and sketching away. Flickers call shrilly, muskrats cross the “crick” with plant material in their mouths, muscular river otters swim by, broadwing hawks circle overhead, perhaps migrating. At the lake a bald eagle swooped down and caught a fish. Probably inspired by the bass Diane was reeling in. Much magic, here.

5.5″ x 5.5″ watercolor, pen on paper = $40