daily painting | melted metal

I have had several rescued greyhounds over the years, track dogs liberated from an awful life by Greyhound Friends for Life, an organization headed by Barbara Judson. Not long after she moved, with her hounds, up to Santa Rosa from Berkeley, she lost everything in the terrible fires last October (all dogs and humans were fine, thankfully). This image shows what is left of the van used for picking up the dogs (in crates) from the airport and taking them to their new homes. The shiny melted puddle flowing down the burnt driveway is likely what is left of the engine block, and Barbara has asked me to turn it into an art piece (9′ long). Insert shows the piece, primed and paint-ready, installed in my studio. It’s going to be an interesting process, and I am now communing with it to consider the color palette (I’ll use acrylics). We hope to auction it off to raise money for GFFL. Let me know if you are experienced in publicity and marketing approaches!