daily painting | pink dance

This was a work in progress that started from an older painting that seemed outdated. I tacked it up on the wall of my studio and asked it what it wanted. I often have these dialogues with my abstract paintings, and they tell me which colors to add, which media, what shapes. A conversation with my deeper self, I suppose — it’s cliche, but I trust my intuition as I move through the process of painting. I lose track of time, sometimes have to sit down and cry and work through grief that bubbles up, and, once I feel the piece is done, alternate between loving it and loathing it. Ping ponging around from confidence to satisfaction to despair to self-doubt,  which is the game of being an artist. Because my studio in Oakland is safe, as I am usually the only one there, I am glad to have it as an alternate space to ride out house arrest. It’s a container for me that holds me and shelters me and is dedicated to imagination and creation. I am endlessly grateful for that spot, and to Patricia, the landlady who generously helps improve the space and make it more comfortable.

44″ x 34″ acrylic, collage, pencil, oil pastel on canvas = $1945