daily painting | persimmon leaves

These beautiful leaves on an almost-bare tree behind the marina laundry room caught my eye so I ventured out, since the rains had passed through, to sit and paint them. I put the watercolor sketchpad in the sun to dry between layers of color and cracked up as I spotted a hummingbird enjoying the sweetness of a rotting persimmon still on the tree. I hadn’t realized it was a persimmon tree, and it was funny as I so love to paint the colors and shapes of this late-autumn fruit. The remaining leaves were vibrantly red and yellow and orange against the bare tree limbs. It was good to get out, since I’ve been slowed down by a stomach bug. Or maybe it was a rogue romaine leaf that sneaked into a salad. Was lovely to be outside and painting again. The December sunlight is at such an interesting angle, this time of year.

7″ x 10″ watercolor, pen on paper = $90