daily painting | perched

I was so honored that my neighbor Danishka, an accomplished and talented movie/TV director, purchased several of my watercolors! She works on location all over the world, and is a considerate neighbor to boot. She bought the paintings (from this website) while I was in San Diego, however, so I couldn’t go find them for her; turned out she’s making a TV series in Canada anyways so I didn’t have to worry. But! Then I came home and couldn’t find one of the paintings she had selected (and already paid for), of a night heron perched on this railing outside my window; I found a substitute for her that she graciously accepted but I’m not super happy with its quality. So I found a similar photo I’d taken of an egret, perched in the same spot, and painted from that pic today. I’ll wrap up her purchased paintings and include this one as a bonus. I’m embarrassed I lost track of that other one. I will work on my inventory control issues.

7″ x 10″ watercolor, pen on paper