daily painting | peppers

I brought a small mountain of assorted peppers for a still life for my watercolor/pen-and-ink class at Frank Bette Center last Saturday. Now… what to do with them? Stir fry? Some kind of casserole? (Still researching that.) Anyways I love the beautiful, feminine, sensual shapes and vibrant colors of these vegetables (or maybe they are fruits? they can’t quite make up their minds, maybe). So this is my watercolor sketch before I eat them for dinner. I did several renditions, and liked this one the best. I really love my fountain pen with indelible (carbon) ink and fude nib, which is bent at the end and flexible so I can play with thick-thin-thick lines (email me and I’ll give you details). A big thank you to the students who worked hard and embraced the lessons.

8″ x 10″ watercolor, ink on paper = $100