daily painting | PEFA

“PEFA” is the official scientific abbreviation for Peregrine Falcon. This amazing guy was caught in the Marin Headlands by my banding mate (check out GGRO.org) and we banded him, collected measurements and let him go. But not without photos! PEFAs are such an amazing story of humans actually helping wildlife, as they almost became extinct, but the banning of the pesticide DDT saved this species, and every year we band more and more of them. I can’t say strongly enough how mad I am about these amazing birds. Just watching them fly through one of our banding sites is gob-smacking, the way they swoop and dive and jet around. Feathered acrobats. What a joy and a privilege to get up close and personal with such a creature.

9″ x 12″ watercolor, pen on paper = $140